Fried Beans

Marinated Olives

Pickle Crudite*

preserved lemon mayo

Serrano Ham


Warm Ricotta

dill, honey, toast

Codesa Anchovy

oregano, toast, butter

Striped Bass Crudo

cucumber, hot wax peppers, olive, mint

Citrus Braised Octopus

potatoes, paprika

Chowder Croqueta

clams, bacon

Wasik's Cheese Plate

selection of 3 cheeses with accoutrements

Pickled Patatas Bravas

roasted garlic aioli

Green Beans

tonatto, duck egg, mint

Cucumber Salad

tomato vinaigrette, poppy seeds purslane

Featherbrook Chicken

romesco, roasted potatoes

Stuffed Chicken Wings

honey, hot sauce, blue cheese

Chicken Liver Mousse

house mustard, raw honey, toast

Fenway Brat

pickled turnips, mustard

Featherbrook Chicken

romesco, roasted potatoes


(little bites of Spanish heaven)

chicken hearts, green peach, chili

mussels/horseradish butter/chive

salt roasted sweet potato/trout roe/sunchoke*

bluefish pate, turnips, ramps

roasted zucchini, harissa, mint