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a wine bar focused on small production, natural & female produced wines


Haley Fortier


Haley Fortier brings over 15+ years of hospitality industry experience to the business. She opened haley.henry wine bar in August of 2016, in the heart of Downtown Crossing & rapidly received acclaim from both local & national press, winning both "Best of Boston" & "Best Wine Bar" in the first year of operation. She was recently named one of Food & Wine magazine’s “2019 Sommeliers of the Year

Haley is an avid jokester, loves a gin + tonic & finally, after 20 years of struggle, has overcome her fear of bologna. You can find her humor on Instagram @tin_and_gin


Kristie Weiss

Managing Partner

Kristie Weiss hails from the Midwest state of Illinois. With over 20+ years in the industry, she started as the general manager to haley.henry wine bar and was promoted to managing partner in April 2018. 

Kristie has a deep hatred for cats, loves a bright red lipstick & plans her week around her daily hair-washing schedule. Her life experiences with her husband can be  viewed on Instagram @mrsweiss


Peter McKenzie

Executive Chef

Growing up a DC native, Peter quickly drained himself of the swamp. After a short stint in Canada & kicking university to the curb, he landed on his feet working in the kitchen. As a “Camberville” resident for the past decade, Peter’s knowledge expanded in the kitchens of Rialto, Ribelle, & Straight Wharf (where he met his wife & pastry queen Mareena). In 2015 he opened Shepard to much critical acclaim.

Peter joins the nathálie team after an all too short stint as a stay at home dad & amateur forager. When not behind the helm, Peter can be found in the woods with his two aspiring naturalists, because the world needs more of ‘em. Follow his life on Instagram @mckenzie.peter



We take immense pride in the fact that our wine list is somewhat like a revolving door. We source small production/natural wines from around the globe: little gems for you to explore and learn about. Afraid of commitments? No problem!  Come explore our "half bottle" concept and see where the journey takes you. You never know...this could be the start of your first long-term relationship